Reasons why you get more cash for Toyota Hilux

cash for Toyota Hilux

It is an excellent time to get top cash for Toyota Hilux in Australia. Known as Australia’s favorite Ute, Toyota Hilux’s demand has not decreased even in the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that Toyota Hilux has a well-deserved reputation of being a rough and tough car; with the main buyers being hardworking traders, farmers, construction companies, etc.

Toyota Hilux’s sales have been consistently increasing and breaking its record every year.

Below are some of the reason why Hilux will get you top cash:


Dependable like no other

In 2004, Top Gear tried to push the Hilux through its limits. They passed Hilux through the fire, flood, and collapsing blocks. But the car survived it all and proved to its naysayers that it is one of the world’s toughest cars. So whether you are located in the countryside or the city, Cash for cars Rockhampton can provide you with the best service.


Comes loaded with the best features

Not only it’s the toughest Ute in the market but also has a variety of impressive features. It is also equipped with all the latest gadgets such as

  • Digital speed display
  • Apple car play
  • Android Auto
  • Bluetooth
  • Parking sensor
  • Driver and front passenger airbags
  • Pre-collision safety system
  • Active cruise control
  • And much more


Toyota’s toughest

It is advertised as being ‘unbreakable’ in the Australian market, Toyota makes sure to be true to their words. It has a towing capacity of 2250kg to 2500kg. Depending on the cabin and tray size, it can carry up to 860kg to 1450kgs of extra weight.

To further improve its performance of the car, all the major components of the vehicles are shielded by protective plates.


High-performing Engines

For their Hilux, Toyota went a step further and introduced 3 different types of engines

  1. 2.7lit petrol four-cylinder: producing 116kw and 240Nm,
  2. 4.0lit petrol V6 developing a class-leading 175kw and 376Nm
  3. 2.8lit turbo-diesel four-cylinder producing 130kw and 450Nm


Well-rounded safety measures

All models of Hilux come equipped with a minimum of two airbags and has a five-star ANCAP rating. More advanced versions come with added features like up to eight airbags, a reversing camera, seatbelt pre-tensioners, etc.


Easy to use controls

The interior of a Toyota Hilux has one of the most user-friendly controls in the market. Only the necessary controls are present on the dashboard, the buttons are big to improve ease of use for the driver. There are also many storage spaces for your coffee, receipts, and little knick-knacks. It is the comfortable user experience that grants top cash for Toyota Hilux.


Easy to fix

As Toyota Hilux is a mass-produced vehicle, finding its parts and getting it serviced is an easy task. You can find its parts easily and at relatively inexpensive prices. Toyota even provides a complete vehicle service at low cash for 4×4, Ute, sedans, etc.


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