At Salisbury Car Removals, are best wreckers Brisbane and our notoriety goes before us. We have a sense quite a while ago settled notoriety for offering quality utilized and reused parts for an extensive variety of make and model vehicles.

We are instore and, on the web, and we serve all clients whether they are searching for the single part, offering their vehicle or a technician searching for practical solutions for their customers.

Makes and Models

Makes and Models


Salisbury Car Removals handles a scope of makes and models from little autos to 4WDs and everything in the middle. We have a broad exhibit of parts accessible for you. With our bigger accomplice organize, we can likewise source parts we don’t stock specifically.


Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

Requesting parts or extras from a merchant can be a costly exercise. At the point when autos are composed off or sold to wreckers, now and then there are parts or embellishments in an immaculate working request.

That, as well as at a small amount of the cost you could have a substitution board for your vehicle, that may have wound up in a landfill. The main thing you must stress over is finding the correct shading. New parts like headlights and bumpers can without much of a stretch stun the framework, so discovering parts at a small amount of the expense is an unquestionable requirement for any adroit purchaser.

We have such many various parts and embellishments on offer over our scope of makes and models, it’s difficult to show them out in culmination. You will simply need to investigate our online parts discoverer to see our broad range for yourself.

Get your car removed through the most professional team of wreckers Brisbane

There are many reusing and spare parts choices accessible to spare money and help the earth by reducing the interest for new parts. Shouldn’t something is said about when your vehicle simply isn’t ready to deal with utilize any longer and you’ve acquired another vehicle.

What do you do with the old? Attempt to pitch it to a private purchaser if you couldn’t exchange it in? That could take months, all while your auto is consuming up room on the front yard. Have you considered taking the vehicle to a wrecker or auto recycler like Salisbury Car Removals? The auto may not be worth cash as it may be, but in parts, it could be.

Destroying Your Vehicle

Destroying Your Vehicle


At Salisbury Car Removals we may take your vehicle and evaluate it for useable or re-conditional parts that we can rescue and exchange.

This enables you to offload the vehicle and still profit from its transfer. Conveying your auto to an expert auto wrecker like Salisbury Car Removals guarantees that parts are reused and reused and not simply discarded in the landfill.

It’s likewise the most ideal approach to anchor extensive fund for the transfer of the vehicle, in contrast with sitting tight for a truly intrigued purchaser.

We additionally don’t require roadworthy endorsements that lapse, and you can drop the protection once we take it off your hands. At Salisbury Car Removals we likewise have the information and aptitude to take the best working parts from your auto to convey life to another.

You can simply take your risks by offering your auto secretly, however, ensure you discover what it is worth to a spare parts merchant first, so you can settle on the best choice for your circumstance.